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For athletes and those devoted to sports and exercise there is perhaps nothing more frustrating in life than time away from training. Pain and injury can not only have a hugely detrimental effect on fitness levels but also on our psychological wellbeing.


In my experience just resting an injury rarely produces a desirable outcome.  Resting as if by chance the tissues within your system will adapt and respond to just sitting on the sofa with a leg propped up. Rest will rarely be my advice for athletes: instead I will look to proactively introduce sufficient exercise to meet the individuals current capacity. The exercise has to be comfortable but it must also produce a desired outcome. In other words rehabilitation will be worked around the injury. This approach results in a much speedier reintroduction to sport and competition.

Well programmed, graded exposure protocols are a huge part of my clinical practise. The protocols use a blend of stretching, movement and most importantly load. Graded exposure is a process in which over time resilience can be built back into your system. Meaning when you return to sport: you can train harder, for longer.

As the levels of stress applied to your tissues increase, over time it causes the structures to ADAPT and become stronger.  To become stronger is to become more resilient. To become more resilient is to be harder to injure!

Your bodies connective tissue- the parts that maintain structure and facilitate a distribution of load namely: cartilage, tendons and ligaments will adapt to progressive overload and essentially become thicker thus withstanding more force. 

Isaac Fellick: Wirral Chiropractors are here to enable your body to perform, when it matters.

Weights and resistance training within the clinic setting
Running at the park
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