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Gentle pilates stretching within the clinic suite

Pregnancy Related Pelvic Girdle Pain:


For Mothers to be pregnancy is a time of huge excitement but also one of preparation. Bringing new life into the world is no small task! The body and namely pelvis must therefore adjust to these added demands and loads that the bump will add. This can increase pressure on the lower back spinal structures often resulting in altered function and pain.


With focussed breathing techniques and specific pilates pregnancy work we fully prepare the tissues and muscles before applying chiropractic therapy. This warm up procedure tones down the back muscles and enables the system to better absorb the gentle manual therapy techniques that we apply to the lower back and pelvic region.

As months go by and baby develops the abdominal cavity is placed under more duress. Intra-abdominal organs are placed under more pressure which can cause women some distress to the lower portion of the rib-cage. This may exacerbate gastric reflux symptoms such as heart burn. Many women also report feeling very tight chested. Therefore diaphragm activation drills and learning to expand correctly from the inferior portion of the torso will ensure that more comfort and ease is felt at the lower ribs.

Pregnancy related care
Pregnancy related care and treatment
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