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Marathon racing

Liverpool HM 2019. Representing Wallasey AC and fininishing in a time of 1:29:28

The General Chiropractic Council website

My name is Isaac,

University aside, I have lived on the Wirral all my life. I grew up in Meols and attended St Anselm's College all the way up and through to completing 6th form.

My entry into Chiropractic was organic, at school Biology was my favourite subject. I was constantly researching health and the human body! My interest initially revolved around optimisation of performance. Most specifically how diet, sleep and training methods could play a role in an individuals personal success or athletic pursuits.

Sports and movement have been a natural passion of mine throughout life. I joined a local football team from a young age and my love of team sports and running grew from thereon. There are even stories of refusals to leave the house as a child without my trusty football!

These days however I spend most of my training time tailing behind the Wallasey AC forerunners. Although the exhaustion is painful I have made incredible friends during the training process.  People I could call upon any time, any surface! I am also lucky enough to work alongside many members of the team during my clinical hours.

With over 4 years of post-graduate working experience and action packed career development, it was time to walk on my own two feet. I was ready to open The Wirral Chiropractors. Time spent learning from my talented colleagues in Mid-Wales gave me the confidence and skills it takes to enter this incredibly exciting journey.

I am a fully registered Chiropractor with the General Chiropractic Council.


I work to drive individuals to seek out healthy, social and sporting environments. Attending regular social events develops a close knit community. It is well understood within healthcare professions that strong social cohesion plays an enormous part in peoples overall health and wellbeing. 

Reaching your full potential in anything: life, training and health all requires a strong team and a solid framework. Luckily this is a belief that I share with many of my patients and working colleagues. I am so grateful to have the group of supportive patients and people around me that I do.

I love what I do and I am inspired daily by the human capacity for movement and peoples ability to adapt. I look forward to sharing and building this passion with you at Wirral Chiropractors!

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