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Isaac Fellick: Wirral Chiropractors

Be in motion.

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Strong, adaptable, resilient

Individualised, patient-centred care

Clinical work inside the office.

Through an engaging biopsychosocial model of care, it is ensured that your situation will not be treated lightly.


Your condition is unique and because of that it is essential the appropriate time is taken for you to be heard. 


By performing a thorough case history and examination it is ensured that a tailored treatment plan is then devised.  This includes manual therapy, fluid exercise prescription and home rehabilitation techniques.

By looking to you, the individual, meaningful goals can be set in place:


Whether it's an anticipated return to maintaining the garden, playing in your weekly 5-a-side football league, competing at ParkRun or simply commuting to work and sleeping pain free.  You can rest assured that treatment will be geared towards a positive outcome.

"The 24 most underappreciated parts of your body all exist in your spine"

- Jon Yuen

Initial Consultation and Treatment:

1 hour appointment priced at £60.

Initial consult includes a full case history, examination and clinical findings.  The first treatment session is also included within the hour.

Treatment and Rehabilitation:

30 minute follow up sessions priced at £38. 

Consisting of treatment, progress updates and modification to stretching and strength programmes.

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2 Bowness Avenue

Prenton, Birkenhead

CH43 0SD

Tel: 07805547912

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